Wellsprings Vineyard Church

Meet The Pastor

If your family is a mess…so was mine. I’m here to tell you that Pastors aren’t perfect and a lot of us didn’t have that ‘perfect’ family life…until I met Jesus. Jesus can change everything about your life. How do I know? He changed everything about my life. Problems that ‘experts’ have a label for, Jesus frees us from. A rocky past doesn’t mean you can’t have a bright future. My past is not unlike a lot of peoples’…I’m a veteran, I’ve worked in the construction and the trucking industry and I’ve struggled to ‘make ends meet’. I’ve served as a Youth Pastor, an Evangelist, a Lead Pastor and recently as a Church planter.

My wife, Keri, and I have been married over 25 years and together we raised two great kids. We came to Casper from Billings, MT where we served for 10 years. I enjoy playing guitar and leading worship, reading history and watching westerns (Open Range is my all time favorite). I also enjoy writing and recently finished my book entitled “God Still Talks to Regular People”. If you’re interested, you can get that title on Amazon.com, here is the LINK

I wrote the book to better explain a truth that has revolutionized my life: God wants us to know Him! Please notice I didn’t say ‘know stuff about Him’. He wants you and I to really know Him, every single day and in every possible way. You’ve heard it said that life is determined by “who you know”. It’s true and God wants to be the One you know that changes your life. At every gathering here at Casper First we just seek to know Him better. Come join us in that quest as often as you can. We’re having a great time.