Wellsprings Vineyard Church

Who are we at Wellsprings Vineyard Church?

What is ‘the Vineyard?

Vineyard USA is a community of churches with common heritage and sets of values. Our organization is simple and based in strong relationships. There are some qualities you will find at almost any Vineyard church, which we also embrace here at Wellsprings:

-Intimate Worship times
-Openness to the Holy Spirit
-High value placed on community

The Vineyard is committed to being a community of churches that live out the word and works of Jesus.

What can you expect when attending Wellsprinqs Vineyard?


We partner with the Holy Spirit. His leading is the key and His desires are more important than ours. We do our very best to follow Him in everything from song choices to teaching topics.

We desire to worship sincerely and experience God personally.

God is alive and well and partners with every Church committed to reflecting His Son in the earth. In His presence there is fullness of joy! Our worship times are personal and reflective. Giving Jesus honor is our goal and giving time to receive the life of the Kingdom of God is highly valued.

We seek to reconcile people with God.

The entire narrative of Scripture is God’s mission to forgive people of sin and be reunited in life with New life in Christ is the greatest treasure any of US has ever found and we want everyone to know.

We engage in ministry with compassion.

Compassion is not pity. Compassion is looking honestly at the difficulties and complications of this life and believing God is able to use people to minister hope and healing.

We seek to engage in cultural relevant missions.

The message of Christ will never change. By design His message can transcend any culture and penetrate any heart. We stay true to God’s mission and let Him show us how His glory can be expressed in each new context.

What is our specific vision and mission?

To keep things simple we focus on 3 primary goals as a Church body.

We are a family. We take care of each other. Everyone gets to be real. Relationship is of far greater importance than religion. If God is your Father we are family. If you haven’t found your way back to Him yet you have a seat at our table. Come and find out how good His family can be.

We are a hospital. Jesus made it very clear that we all have ‘sickness’ of one form or another and that He had come for those who knew they needed Him. We are all works in progress and none of us has attained perfect restoration. Grace, mercy and love reflect His heart. No matter what you feel is ‘wrong’ in your life this is the place for you.

We are a school. The ways of God are the pathways to life and peace. Jesus told US to teach everyone to walk in all that He had taught. Learning is a huge part of what we seek when we gather. His ways are perfect and every encounter with His truth changes us for the better. Each time you join us for worship you will have an opportunity grow!