Who are we at Wellsprings Vineyard Church?

We are part of the Association of Vineyard Churches.

As a Vineyard church we believe the gospel is lived out in the local community and that detached leadership from a large organization is not the best reflection of Jesus to our city. We are firmly committed to sound Biblical teaching but we also believe the application of that teaching must be in tune with the community a church is called to serve.

As Evangelical’s we believe in the life changing power of Jesus and we want everyone to find the life and joy we have found in knowing Christ. We believe, and have witnessed, the wonderful truth that absolutely anyone can find a new beginning in the stream of God’s mercy.

As a full gospel church we believe that God’s goodness is not relegated to merely solving the questions of eternity but is ready to impact every area of our lives. Jesus heals diseases, delivers from oppression and depression, and fills every hungry heart with supernatural potential.

What can you expect if you join us for worship?

We normally start with songs of worship and express our gratitude to God. (10:30ish…) Some weekends we bring acoustic guitars and use hand drums, and other weekends we are a full rock band, but every weekend we are grateful to God for all He has done.

Following worship we have our teaching time. We find practical answers in the Bible for the challenges of everyday life and seek to grow together in our knowledge of God and His ways. During the teaching time there is a parents retreat should your little person get restless. Children are welcome to sit with their parents during our meeting as the vast majority are not in any way disruptive.

When the teaching is over we normally share a time of prayer and receive the ministry of God’s Spirit. We believe in the goodness of God without the weirdness of emotionalism and tangible answers to prayer our very common.

From start to finish our time together is approximately 90 minutes. We hope you will come and join us as soon as you can.